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IT Infrastructure


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Structure cabling  


Structured cabling and associated practices, Fiber & Copper Cabling Back-Bone Infrastructure 

Specialist in Wireless Mesh and Point-to-Point/ Multi-point Technologies 

Advanced networking configurations for optimized throughput and security

Our associated brands are:


Teklogics Canada





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Comprehensive LAN WLAN /VLAN installation, with All Active and Passive Components.

Enterprise grade management of the LAN, VLAN and Wi-Fi Solutions, Integration with all industry approved back-end like BMS systems




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Write one or two paragraphs describing your product, services or a specific feature. To be successful your content needs to be useful to your readers.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.





Gepcom Technologies has become a legend in the Surveillance Systems. It has strong and wide history of designing and implementing huge scale of projects as per the standards and specifications.



We cover all sectors such as Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Constructions and Governmental Entities among others.



Some of our leading brands are:


















- American Dynamics 





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   Audio Visual System



AV System is the process of Audio and Video components at the same time, it is not that simple to aggregate all the components to work with each other achieving high quality of voice and video using their components like projector, speakers and screens among others.



We express the business presentations using web streaming and other projection methodologies at schools, universities, and meeting rooms applied the high techniques of video conferencing.



Our brands are:



- Crestron



- B&W



- Panasonic




- Sharp




Access Control Systems





in Gepcom Technologies, we have summarized our hardware and software products to support business processes in the areas of access control, time recording and building security. Innovative technologies, highly customizable, ergonomically optimized and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to their modular structure and diverse interfaces, they can be assembled as needed and integrated excellently into existing infrastructures.



The main focus of our development work is the integration of online and offline components and the development of as many application areas as possible with one system. Where access is booked, work time recording can also be carried out, and where working hours are recorded, for example, data for personnel-related management functions can be automatically provided become. 

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         Telephone Systems




Communication nowadays form a vital part of our lives, be it personal or business wise, and same is divided into two types: Analog & IP System.



Gepcom Technologies is specialized in providing and supporting telephone system integrated with hotel management system, POS system and call center system. We are expert in customizing PABX system using open source platform to increase the features of PABX system as per the clients' needs.



Brands Certified are: