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GEPCOM Technologies is one of the main distinguished suppliers for smart cards for security applications and other printing products in the world.

GEPCOM Technologies is a leading entity with many branches around the world in Secure Card Technology offering a full range of design, production and fulfillment services for professional businesses throughout the entire world.

We are experts in security printing products and manufacturing, such as Plastic Cards, Security Labels, Industrial Labels, Laser, Computer Forms, Envelopes and Scratch Cards among others. Through this, we have gained market and customers trust by employing the latest technical resources and the excellent quality of our products, which plays a key role in attracting widespread acceptability of our products into the market. The production quality of GEPCOM has been rated with unique quality standards, which qualified it to become the major supplier of major credit cards in the world. 

We provide products to hundreds of Clients, banks and 90 other clients from different sectors throughout the world, including telecommunication companies, internet providers, insurance companies, hospitals and even printing houses.    

In planning to maintain the leading position, GEPCOM Technologies has adopted a modern backbone technology, to keep pace with the requirements and demands of our customers.  We committed ourselves to improving our performance and product quality, as the only viable means to satisfy demand and cater for the expectations of our customers; thus, proving our ability to offer premium quality.

Taking on the challenge of providing our customers with ideal solutions for their future applications and their core business, and that includes sophisticated operating systems. Satisfying our customers by providing them with a full flat service we have added a comprehensive service of marketing campaign of specific activities designed to promote our customer’s product, service or business. Our marketing campaign is a coordinated series of steps that can include promotion of a product through different mediums from printing to online promotion, such as (video creation, professional websites and their development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Expanding throughout these years, we increased our products and services based on our customer’s requirements and demands. We have been continuously involved in the development of our products in the past by operating a network of branches in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and the Saltant of Oman.