GEPCOM Technologies mobile services cloud covers over 800 mobile networks across 190 countries We offer a set of professional applications and high-level education and 24/7 technical support. We deliver SMS messages to 190 countries over an easy to use web interface available in 18 languages Send notifications, advertise and alert with our fully featured Bulk SMS.

Our SMS Services

SMS.GEPCOM Technologies SMS Panel

SMS.GEPCOM Technologies SMS Panel is a collection of messaging applications with rich options, detailed reporting and statistics and diverse payments possibilities.
SMS Portal Linkhttp: Deliver messages from your computer or server quickly and easily, through the world's largest SMS messaging network built and operated by industry experts.


Connectivity for all mobile networks 
800+ mobile operators

Easy-to-use interface
Time is precious, complicated editors waste it

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns

Full support
24/7/365 support

Send SMS in a way that makes sense for your business and the rest of your team.

Web SMS Portal

Web portal Use our intuitive self-service portal to take advantage of all that our SMS features and rich messaging templates have to offer.

GepcomTech's Global Mobile Services Cloud is leveraging the Full Potential
of Mobile Operators and Enterprises Partnerships Worldwide.​