Today, customers are more powerful than ever. Contemporary technology, increasing inter connectivity and the power to fetch information with the press of a button has enabled them to control their experience. Thus, it’s time to put old school customer engagement strategies into the trash. Brands, and us marketers, need rethink how we connect with the customers and engage them.

Digital Pass

Automated and customized digital passes for complete digital transformation

E-mail newsletter and survey

Increase brand awareness and measure customer satisfaction with e-mail survey

Rich Business Messaging

Opt-Outs help to narrow list of quality leads and stay at the forefront of the customer's mind


Combining location-based services and digital passes and enable reaching targeted interactions with your customers

Wallet Based Services

Membership cards, coupons, boarding passes and gift cards.

SMS Services

Unique branding with verified SMS and segment subscribers and share only relevant interactions for more efficient engegement.


Use custome web forms and add users to subscription list

E-mail Marketing

Validated originated e-mail addresses and combine with push notifications directly from app to remind your customer to complete a transaction