Queue Management System

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

It has become vital today for Banking, Governmental and Services sectors such as Telecom Operators and hospitals to use Q-Management System in organizing and tracking customers’ queues for better services. Using the Queue System allows customers to be served properly and fairly as per the desired turn for each customer. On the other hand, it helps the top management to determine the real achievement for each “Customer Service” which helps to improve KPI for each employee.

Gepcom Technologies has expertise in this field by designing and applying the system at diverse sites, by making use of Q-Management System from single site or multiple branches organization with central management.

Why Choose Gepcom Technologies Queue Management Systems?

Gepcom Technologies queue management system solutions are based on the principle of measuring and valuing waiting time to enhance customer experience at all levelsExcessive queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of consumer dissatisfaction in banks, retail stores, hospitals and government institutions & Wavetec’s virtual queuing systems solve that problem.

Our Q-Management Systems are much flexible to be integrated with different systems such as ERP, CRM & SMS notification gateways through standard APIs.