Artificial intelligence (AI)

Using Big Data Analytics, Masx Gepcom Technologies has succeeded in continuously operating a plant that would otherwise be shut down for maintenance.Masx Gepcom Technologies also uses “Artificial Intelligence (Al) Operation Support” based on a combination of plant operating data and Masx Gepcom Technologies engineering technology. The challenges are to improve plant productivity and value for plant owners throughout the plant life cycle

Greater efficiency and maximum utility

Masx Gepcom Technologies launches Al Solution Unit, a new business unit aimed at increasing customer value utilizing new, high technology Big Data Analytics and Al. The Al Solution Unit will enable Masx Gepcom Technologies to offer added value for customers through Al solutions by aggressively applying Big Data Analytics,loT and Al technologies.

Masx Gepcom Technologies provides Al / Big Data Engineering services in addition to conventional consulting services for operation and maintenance. 

Features of Al / Big Data approach

Identify and correlate malfunction indicators.

Apply Al / Big Data demonstrations to validate theory (Proof of Concept).

Continuous improvement of Al by large amount of learning data

Keep Up With Technology

Masx Gepcom Technologies utilizes the state-of-the-art Al technologies, not only to provide the new services with customers, but also to advance the Chiyoda’s high engineering technologies and project
execution and J management abilities further which have already obtained high reliabilities . from customers. advanced services based on combination of Chiyoda’s core ak and Al/big data technology
can improve a plants’ profitability by enhancing its reliability and productivity. Chiyoda provides Al/ Big DataEngineering ‘7% services in addition to conventional consulting services for operation and maintenance.